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Artist: Plasticland
Title: Plasticland
Label: Run Out Groove
Configuration/Selection: A/ROGV-011
UPC: 081227941307
Units per set: 1

Marketing points:
• The first time the title would be re-issued on vinyl in the U.S. since the original Pink Dust release in 1984. Long out of print.
• Each LP will be individually numbered and strictly limited based on pre orders.
• 1LP, 180g, multi-color vinyl pressed at Record Industry comes in a single pocket tip-on Stoughton sleeve

Plasticland is an American neo-psychedelic garage rock band from Wisconsin that originally formed in 1980 by Glenn Rehse and John Frankovic, originally from the band Arousing Polaris. Plasticland has had many rotating guitarists and drummers over the years but Rehse and Frankovic have remained the core. Dan Mullen was their second guitarist for most of the 1980s recordings and live shows. Brian Ritchie, who later played with the Violent Femmes, played guitar briefly in early recordings. Originally titled “Color Appreciation,” their debut full length was issued by the French Lolita label in 1984. Enigma Records in the U.S. reissued the album, self-titling it with track alterations, substitutions and alternate artwork and put it on their Pink Dust subsidiary imprint. The album has never seen a repress since the original release and would be available for pre-order if voted to the top slot by ROG fans. And to make it even more interesting, if this title wins our pre-order round, we will allow fans to vote on whether or not they want us to use the U.S. or alternate French artwork for the package! If you dig bands like Dream Syndicate, Green on Red, Rain Parade and classic garage bands such as The Standells, The Missing Links, Zakary Thaks and the Bad Seeds, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to get this 1980s underground classic unearthed.

Track List

Side A
1 Alexander
2 Disengaged From the World
3 Her Decay
4 The Glove
5 Sipping the Bitterness
6 The Garden in Pain
7 Elongations
8 Driving Accident Prone

Side B
1 Wallflowers
2 Euphoric Trapdoor Shoes
3 Pop! Op Drops
4 Sections
5 Rattail Comb
6 Posing For Pictures
7 Magic Rocking Horse