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Keep Your Cool And Read The Rules

Plan 9
Keep Your Cool And Read The Rules

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Artist: Plan 9
Title: Keep Your Cool and Read the Rules
Label: Run Out Groove
Configuration/Selection: A/ROGV-013
UPC: 081227941284
Units per set: 1

Marketing points:

  • The first time the title would be re-issued on vinyl in the U.S. since the original Pink Dust release in 1985. Long out of print.
  • Each LP will be individually numbered and strictly limited based on pre orders.
  • 1LP, 180g, multi-color vinyl pressed at Record Industry comes in a single pocket tip-on Stoughton sleeve


Plan 9 is an American neo-psychedelic rock band from Rhode Island that originally formed in 1979. The group was named after the 1950s Ed Wood science fiction movie, “Plan 9 from Outer Space.”  With a 4 guitar attack, Plan 9 honed their sound from the psychedelic 1960s. Band members included guitarists Evan Williams, Thomas Champlin, Brian Thomas and Eric Stumpo, keyboardist Deb DeMarco, drummer Evan LaBoissonniere, bassist John Florence, and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Brent Hosier. Enigma Records offered the band a 5 album deal in 1984 and wanted to put them on Pink Dust, which was their roster of alternative creative West Coast neo-psych along with Plasticland, Green on Red, Rain Parade and later the Flaming Lips. “Keep Your Cool and Read the Rules,” recorded at Trod Nossel Studios was Plan 9’s first full length studio album for Enigma and was originally released in 1985. With “Keep Your Cool and Read the Rules,” the band was heading more towards garage rock territory. The album has never seen a repress since the original release and would be available for pre-order if voted to the top slot by ROG fans. If you dig bands like Dream Syndicate, Green on Red, Rain Parade and classic garage bands such as The Standells, The Missing Links, Zakary Thaks and the Bad Seeds, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to see this underground rocker unearthed.


Track List

Side A

1 That’s Life
2 Poor Boy
3 The Beast Was an Old Tale 
4 For Hillary 
5 Machines
6 Face in the Box   

Side B

1 11th Hour
2 Street of Painted Lips
3 King Nine Will Not Return 
4 Keep Your Cool 
5 Hot Day