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Here Comes Success

Band Of Susans
Here Comes Success

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Artist: Band of Susans
Title: Here Comes Success
Label: Run Out Groove
Configuration/Selection: A/ROGV-023
UPC: 081227932251
Units per set: 2

Marketing points:

• If voted in, this would be the first time this album would be pressed on vinyl in the US and the first time it would be reissued on vinyl since its original release in 1994. 
• Each LP will be individually numbered and strictly limited based on pre orders. 
• 2LP, 180g, color vinyl pressed at Record Industry, would come in a gatefold tip-on Stoughton sleeve if chosen as the winning title 
• Given 4 out of 5 stars from Allmusic guide, reviewer Andy Kellman is quoted as saying that “the Band of Susans saved a knock-out punch for their swan song” and “it’s the Band of Susans at their catchiest and most exciting.”

Active for a decade but devoid of commercial success, alternative rock band, Band of Susans, originally formed in the NY noise scene but because of their layered frontline guitar attack, were often compared to UK shoegazing bands of the era. The band consisted of Robert Poss (guitar/vocals), Susan Stenger (bass/vocals), Ron Spitzer (drums), Susan Lyall (guitar), Susan Tallman (guitar) and Alva Rogers (vocals) and took their name from the trio of Susans in the line-up. The band went through many different line ups over the 10 years usually involving the guitarists, with Poss, Stenger and Spitzer remaining the core members. After the release of their debut album, “Hope Against Hope,” Rogers, Lyall and Tallman quit and were replaced by Karen Haglof (guitar) and Page Hamilton (guitar) who would move on to form the metal-leaning band, Helmet. This line up recorded “Love Agenda” and a Peel Sessions EP which covered the Gang of Four song “I Found the Essence Rare.” Haglof and Hamilton then split and Anne Husick (guitar) and Mark Lonergan (guitar) joined the band, yielding their classic line up thay made three more albums and one EP on Restless Records. Band of Susans is obviously a heavily guitar-centric outfit having eight guitarists in all and never less than three at any given time and they are included in NY’s post-No Wave scene which produced Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, Live Skull and the Swans. Musically, the band had their 3 guitar front line attack create a wall of feedback and guitar layered noise amidst conventional song structures. Like My Bloody Valentine, they focused on atmospheric textures and were known for playing live at very high volumes in an effort to recreate the visceral experience of their studio records. “Here Comes Success” is the band’s fifth and final studio album for Restless Records and was originally released on February 28, 1995. Vinyl was originally only issued in the U.K. under the Blast First label. Andrew Earles included “Here Comes Success” in his book: Gimme Indie Rock: 500 Essential Underground Rock Albums 1981-1996.

Track List
Side A
1 Elizabeth Stride 9:06
2 Dirge 8:11
Side B
1 Hell Bent 9:23
2 Pardon My French 6:55
3 As Luck Would Have it 0:54
Side C
1 Two Jacks 7:32
2 Stone Like a Heart 7:41
Side D
1 In the Eye of the Beholder (For Rhys) 10:00
2 Sermon On Competition Part 1 (Nothing IS Recoupable) 4:30